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Coreo Electronico para Herbologia

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Te invitamos a escribirnos a nuestro correo electronico con todas las preguntas que gustes de hacer sobre los cursos virtuales, y sobre nuestras Terapias Inkas, y de Consejeria en Alimentacion Inka.

Nuevo correo: [email protected]



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Hi everybody, Please provide your comments here. We will learn from each other. Email us at [email protected] Visit us at facebook, our pages are INKA TRADITIONAL MEDICINE, INKA AMAZONIAN MEDICINE and HERBOLOGIA INCA Y AMAZONICA (in Spanish) Thank you very much.


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Traditional medicine is an ancient medicine. We have Ayurvedic Medicine from India, Chinese Medicine from China, and Inka Traditional Medicine from the Ancient Peru, which now are Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, y Chile. Our Inka Culture inherited many values from the Pre-Inka Cultures such as the Caral Culture, Tihuanaco Culture, Paracas Culture and more.These values were the great communication in Quechua language (among others), the value of assessing and demonstrating the importance of culture, the value of an organic agriculture, and the precious art of healing of the whole body through the profound Inka Tradirional Medicine.